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About Us

About Us

We aim to establish ourselves as the most reputable and dependable immigration service and advisor, offering comprehensive assistance with immigration procedures and policies. We are here to help you embrace your future and create a new home in Canada, where you and your family can take pride in your heritage. Our team is dedicated to fostering trust with our clients and providing them with optimal solutions for their immigration needs. We uphold the highest professional standards and maintain strict confidentiality in all our engagements.

Immigration Services from Experienced Lawyers.

If you are planning to relocate to another country the immigration process can be complex and overwhelming. That’s where DONE VISA comes in. We are a team of experienced immigration lawyers who are dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate the immigration system with ease. We aim to provide comprehensive immigration services and support to ensure a smooth and successful transition. With our expertise and personalized approach, you can trust us to handle all the necessary paperwork and legal requirements, so you can focus on your new journey. Contact us today to learn more about our immigration services from experienced lawyers.



As the Founder of Done Visa, my goal is to help people reform and start a new life in Canada.  I started my journey in Canada as an immigrant, with high hopes and dreams for a better future not just for myself but my family as well.  Although it was a very long, tedious and zealous start for me, with no help nor guidance, the journey was fruitful, and I am thankful for where I am today. I have actively contributed to community, betterment by participating in various projects and assisting individuals in need. My commitment to make a positive impact refelects in the tangible results and improvements observed within communities. That is what I want to offer my clients with Done Visa, not only I will be helping you in your journey to Canada but help ease that journey once you arrive here in connecting with different communities and like-minded people of all walks of life. The beauty of Canada is that it transcends borders.  East meets west, meets north and south and helps communities come together, fostering cultural integrations and emphasizing the richness of diversity. I have the privilege of making some of the greatest friends outside of my Pakistani community and culture, adopting and better understanding values and ethical morals of many different cultures and backgrounds.
We in Done Visa want to empower the lives of our clients for a brighter and shinier future.  We are here to facilitate the journey of each and every one of our clients, for we understand that everyone's journey is different.  Whichever field you may choose to transcend, educational purposes, business, starting fresh with your family or just venturing out alone to achieve personal fulfilment, our aim is to help you seamlessly reach your destination as a team.

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